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tomato ever

The name of this wine pays tribute to Omer Miche, Pascal’s great-grand-father who lived in Belgium and created the first wine in 1938. This year, Omer’s tomato harvests were so exceptional that he had the amazing idea of transforming the fruit into wine. He then perfected his production methods until he obtained an exquisite vintage, with 16% alcohol. To this day, only Pascal Miche knows the secret family recipe.


First vintage

The first vintage people drank took 20 years to make, and although it made the tasters wince, Omer did not stop until he got a more refined taste.


Importation into Quebec

When Pascal Miche came to Quebec in 1998, he started to work on and make Omerto wine known in the area. Ten years later, his tomato wine is on the market. Omerto is now prepared with a specific mix of tomatoes. The type of tomatoes are specifically adapted to the climate of Baie-Saint-Paul, which give the wine a unique taste. Omerto is the first aperitif / digestif ever sold on international markets.


Omerto at SAQ

After spending about 10 years trying to prove to agri-food authorities that the tomato was indeed a fruit, some Omerto wines are now available at SAQ boutiques.


Multiples awards

Silver medal at the China Wine & Spirits Awards with the Omerto Moelleux 2012
Bronze medal in the «Other fruit varieties» category at the Finger Lakes International Wine Contest


Omerto cocktails at the G7

2018 G7 members had the opportunity to taste the tomato wine: when the summit happened, Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel and their peers toasted with the signature cocktail Cobbler (Omerto wine, rosemary syrup and fresh cucumber).


Signature cocktails

Omerto is expanding with the creation of signature cocktails.

Omerto offers you the opportunity to organize unique events, at your place or at Omerto vineyard.

A unique and
custom-made experience
for your team-building activities

At the vineyard or at your place, Pascal Miche creates a custom-made experience for each event.

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What they say about us

grappe de tomates

This unique product has undeniable potential. The fact that it is made with tomato is very unique in Quebec and many other places. There are many good products, but very few of this quality!

Pierre - President of the Collège des ambassadeurs du vin au Québec

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